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Dare to Flirt Back

Fun, feminine and flirty, the Dirndl convinced British designer Vivienne Westwood that “there would be no ugliness in the world if every woman wore a dirndl.” We like the way she thinks. The Dirndl is the most visible, and very likely the most popular expression of a wealth of traditions that are still very much part of Austrian culture today.

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VIDEO: Call Me Maybe, Austria Dirndl Temptation Style

You’ve seen the rest, now see the best! Here’s our “Call Me Maybe,” where the Austrian Dirndl and Lederhosen Ambassadors parody Carly Rae Jespen’s famous song. We filmed this in New York City, in Washington Square Park and along the Hudson River. How can you resist calling someone who’s wearing a dirndl?

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 04.10.2012  

Hats Off to Our Hat-Making Dirndl Ambassador!

dirndl hat
dirndl accessoryWhen are our Dirndl Ambassadors aren’t out frolicking around NYC in dirndl and lederhosen, they’re hard at work in their chosen professions of law, finance, journalism, art, design and many other fields. Fenna Engelke, a talented art student, interned at IDA, a hat and jewelry shop in Williamsburg this summer. As part of her internship, she was allowed to create one hat from start to finish under the direction of milliner Ryan Wilde.

Using a sewing machine from the early 1900′s, she created her hat with felt, lamb leather, 100% cotton ribbon, feathers, and a fancy pin. And it certainly wasn’t easy!

“Sewing the wire into brim was difficult, but sewing the inner-ribbon into the inside of the hat was probably the most difficult just because of the awkward angle the hat needs to held,” Fenna explains.

It was Fenna’s love of dirndl fashion that inspired her to become a Dirndl Ambassador.

“Since last December, I had been looking at a lot of dirndl fashion online and through various designers,” Fenna says. That’s how I even heard about the Austria. Dirndl Temptation campaign and why I tried out to be a Dirndl Ambassador. After finding out I was chosen as a Dirndl Ambassador, I also realized that I could make a hat to go with the dirndl at my internship.”

You can see more of Fenna’s work on her blog:

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 26.09.2012  

Updating the Dirndl With Fashion Forward Accessories

dirndl accessories
Gina Zammit, one of the Dirndl Ambassadors who is travel writer and a blogger (Where Brooklyn At), has written a guest post for us about to how to give your dirndl a fashion-forward look for a night out on the town. 

“There would be no ugliness in the world if every woman wore a dirndl.” — Vivienne Westwood

In honor of Fashion Week, I decided to “upgrade” my dirndl and make it more fashion forward for our Dirndl Ambassador outing in Greenwich Village during Fashion’s Night Out.

I swapped out the original blouse for a more contemporary sleeveless shirt, added a pair of Chuck Taylors and wore my hair in a trendy high bun. I also added a sparkly headband and a pair of Warby Parker glasses. I topped the whole look off with elbow length black gloves, as a nod to the famous Viennese balls.

While I love the traditional look of the dirndl, I think this was an interesting twist on a classic look and something that young Austrians might want to try at home. You can even tone the look down by choosing to add one avant-garde accessory and keeping the rest of your outfit simple and conventional.

I think dressing yourself is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways of expressing yourself, so just have fun with it and try something new! And always remember, in the words of Tim Gunn, make it work!

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 25.09.2012  

Join Us on Pinterest for More Photos of Austria, Dirndl and Lederhosen

pinterest boards
Are you pinning? We are! We’re having a lot of fun with Pinterest, the virtual pinboard portal that’s the hottest — and most addictive — thing in social media right now. We’re pinning — and repinning — photos that showcase Austria’s mountains, architecture, museums, cafes and plenty more. Not too surprisingly, we’ve even got boards devoted to dirndl and lederhosen too! Please follow us on Pinterest:

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 18.09.2012  

Fashions Night Out in Greenwich Village

You voted – we walked. During this year’s Fashions Night Out we let our Fans decide what neighborhood our Dirndl Ambassadors would explore.
Drumroll please: the choice was Greenwich Village. Watch our fun fashion outing in New York City:

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 18.09.2012  

Rachel Weisz Is Charmed By Dirndl and Lederhosen

Henry AronofskyCelebrities: they’re just like us! They also love dirndls and lederhosen. Well, at least Rachel Weisz does, which is no surprise considering her mother grew up in Vienna. On Thursday, September 6, the Dirndl Ambassadors were hanging out in Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park before Fashion’s Night Out. The park was full of interesting, stylish New Yorkers and visitors alike. We had so much fun showing off our dirndls and lederhosen to everyone and spreading the word about Austria. But we’ll admit that we had the most fun chatting with Rachel Weisz and her son Henry Aronofsky… We only regret that husband Daniel Craig wasn’t with them!

Go to our for more picture of the Dirndl Ambassadors and Rachel Weisz. Don’t forget to Like our page for a chance to win a trip to Austria for two!

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 12.09.2012  

The Dirndl Ambassadors Break a Swing Dancing Record

On June 28, the Dirndl Ambassadors had a blast at the Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center, swing dancing the night away and wowing New Yorkers with their beautiful dirndls and handsome lederhosen. But did you know that they were also setting a world record? As you can see on Recordsetter, this was the Most People Swing Dancing While Wearing Traditional Austrian Outfits. There were 34 of us in our Austrian finest! See photos of event here.

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 07.09.2012  

Creation of a Dirndl

To create an authentic Austrian Dirndl it takes great design, colorful fabrics and expert craftmanship. Watch how a Dirndl is made and be inspired by the vibrant colors, various styles and fun accessories!


 Eva Schmiedleitner on 24.08.2012  


Dirndl and Lederhosen are such a quintessential part of Austrian culture, countless companies use them to define their brands. One need not look farther than the tourism posters the used to attract visitors to Austria throughout the past decades. Perhaps the most famous and lasting brand to do so is Almdudler – an herbal lemonade with cult status in Austria, which boasts a young couple in Dirndl and Lederhosen in its logo.

People fondly associate Almdudler with their own personal experiences and mental images of stunning mountain panoramas, skiing, mountain biking or simply enjoying après ski with friends. You could say that one of Almdudler’s most important ingredients is its unmistakably Alpine character.

Find out more


 Eva Schmiedleitner on 22.08.2012  

Tu Felix Austria: Alpine Fashion with a Twist

Our Lederhosen Ambassadors look very stylish in Lederhosen by Lanz, combined with Tu Felix Austria T-shirts. The fashion label Tu Felix Austria plays with the signature elements of traditional Austrian clothing and gives them a new twist by incorporating them into fun designs. T-Shirts with golden antler prints and bathing shorts  that look like leather pants are some of their signature designs. The company does not focus on fashion alone. A keen interest in how alpine culture adapts in a rapidly changing modern environment has let them to sponsor yodeling classes and support young Austrian musicians who reinterpret traditional folk music.

 Eva Schmiedleitner on 21.08.2012